Expert Saddle Fitting and Repair Services.

We recommend having your saddle fit evaluated every 6 months for young horses that are growing and changing, as well as horses that have been off work, and at MINIMUM once a year for mature horses in consistent work. Below you will find pricing on all the most common repairs and adjustments. Please note that all Saddle Fitters are Independent and some pricing (particularly call and travel fees) may vary. This information is meant to be an approximate guide, and applies to Saddlery Dresch brand saddles. For a firm quote or for another brand saddle, please contact your Saddle Fitter.

Call Fee:
Includes tracings and evaluation of saddle(s): $75 or $50 for two or more at the same location

Travel Fee/Fuel Surcharge:
55 cents per mile

New or Used Saddle Demo:
Including call fee, evaluation, measurements, saddle design and demo: $150

Tree Adjustment:
Wood/Spring or synthetic trees fit to horses current measurements: $200

Over Flock:
Wool added to panels, saddle rebalanced: $175

Old wool stripped replaced with new wool, includes panel conditioning: $300

Air Panel to Wool Panel Conversion:
Air bladders removed and wool installed, includes panel conditioning: $350

Billets, Repair/Replace:
$40 each, if Fitter needs to drop panels to access billets, additional charges may apply.

Most services are performed on site, other than Reflocks and Panel Conversions. For these services we will need your saddle for a week or so. Other services/repairs available and will be quoted on site, please contact your local Fitter directly with any questions.



How do I take care of my saddle?
Please use Leather Balm conditioner only. We recommend Effax Lederbalsam. You can wipe off dirt and sweat with a damp cloth (water only), apply conditioner and use a soft brush to massage the balm into the leather. Let it sit overnight or use a soft cloth to wipe off any excess that is not soaked up by the leather. Conditioning once a week is sufficient once the saddle is broken in, a few times a week until then, or if you live in a very dry climate. PLEASE DO NOT USE SOAP ON THE SADDLES!! It will strip the dye from the leather, your saddle will look very sad, and so will you!




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