The Couture Line

Every saddle unique, no compromises.

Couture Line
Made-to-Measure Saddles
Every horse is unique and your saddle should be as well. Our Couture Line made-to-measure saddles offer exceptional quality and comfort, designed uniquely for you and your horse.

Couture Line Options:

We truly have too many options to list them all, but here’s a start:

Trees: We have 300 different trees to choose from; your Fitter will select the appropriate tree based on your horses shape, muscling, rider seat and position and level of work. We can also design and craft a custom tree for you.

Panels/Gussets/Billets: We have a wide variety of both panels and gussets, in many different shapes and sizes. Your Fitter will choose or design panels and gussets, as well as the billet attachment and position, all according to the needs, shape and measurements of your horse.

Seat Size: Half sizes in 12-inch to 23-inch seats.

Flaps: Available as a Monoflap with an external roll, a "Princess" Monoflap with a covered roll, or as a Standard Twin Flap. We will also guide you on the correct length, angle, thickness and texture of the flaps.

Rolls: Many different shapes and sizes, your choice of contour and foam density and padding, positioned at any angle. We can also design and sculpt rolls specifically for you and lace them in for you on site.

Choice of Seat Depth and cushion: Shallow to deep and as soft or firm as you like.

Cantle: Round or square, high or low… whatever you prefer.

Leather: Your choice of color, treatment and type from our wide variety of premium fine leathers: Buffalo, Calfskin, Cowhide, Nordic, Makela, Memel, Brushed, Smooth, Patent.

Welting/Piping: Silver, Gold, Grey, Black, Burgundy, Rust, Red, Cream, Brown, Tan, Blue, White, and Patent.

Made From the Best Materials Available

Your Dresch Fitter will collaborate with you to design your saddle and our expert Craftsmen will make your Dresch saddle using the highest quality materials available. Standard delivery time is 8 weeks and your Fitter will deliver your new saddle, check the fit and make any final adjustments on site. Please see our FAQs and Services page for additional information on service and maintenance. We want to ensure that with our help, you and your horse will continue to enjoy your saddle for many years to come!


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Specialty Saddles

While we specialize in Dressage Saddles, we are happy to make Jump and Endurance saddles for you as well.  No matter what type and size, from ponies and small horses, to the Baroque and larger Draft breeds.  If you can ride it, we can make a saddle for you!

Pony Saddles

We have been particularly successful making saddles for ponies due to their popularity in Sebastian’s native Germany. Ponies have particular needs that can’t be met by simply shrinking down a saddle designed for a full sized horse.  As with all of our saddles, each saddle has been designed specifically for each pony and their rider.